Founder Profile

Sara Bresnahan

Sara Bresnahan brings more than 20 years of experience in marketing and education to the helm of Lancio Partners, including experience from Fortune 500 companies to emerging businesses.

Prior to founding Lancio Partners in 2000, Sara served as Vice President and Director of Marketing for various corporations including Computer Associates International, New England Business Services and Platinum Technology. She has developed and executed successful marketing strategies for over 100 products and services. Her unique ability to maintain an unrelenting focus on customer and client-centric marketing programs has been instrumental to her clients' successes.

Sara holds a BA from Purdue University, and an MA from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. She attended the University of Dallas MBA Program.

Lancio Partners was founded on Sara's knowledge and experience in a variety of companies. Knowing that large corporations often need division-specific marketing in their smaller divisions and smaller companies often can't afford in-house marketing teams, Sara set out to develop a virtual company to deliver on these needs. As a result, Lancio Partners met success the day Sara opened her doors for business because it is a virtual marketing company that delivers marketing specialists at the right time and the right price in the execution of the overall marketing strategy.

Results Driven
Focusing on results driven strategies, Sara's strategic plans have surpassed six month lead generation objectives within sixty days and increased profits by as much as 18%.

Committed to the World Community
Sara is committed to philanthropic endeavors and through cause-related marketing and volunteer efforts, supports public education, the arts and hospice. She is a graduate of Phoenix Valley Leadership Class XXIV where she joined her classmates in an unprecedented effort to support the creative class and local business owners in downtown Phoenix and fight intolerance. Sara is a member of the Board of Directors for Phoenix One Foundation and provides pro bono marketing support for an Arizona Educational Foundation Program - UnitED, Uniting Business & Education.

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