Lancio Partners

At the helm of Lancio Partners, is Sara Bresnahan, a marketing professional with 20+ years of multi-industry experience. Sara seamlessly works with your in-house team as an outsourced marketing expert to develop an overall marketing strategy and plan. As needed, Sara brings in the right specialist at the right time (a Lancio Partner) to execute your plan.

Six ways the “Virtual Team” philosophy works for you-

  1. You pay only for the services you need. Lancio Partners doesn’t have staff overhead costs that you pay for whether you need them or not.
  2. You gain the resources of a highly-experienced strategic marketer (Sara) who may not be affordable to you on a full-time basis.
  3. You receive the right specialist to work on your plan as needed. Sara maintains relationships with a variety of resources to insure each specialist meets your specific needs. You don’t just get the person she happens to have “on-staff.”
  4. You have access to a full range of marketing services.
  5. You have the opportunity to work with other professionals you trust and respect. You approve each partner.
  6. You won’t be handed down to a junior marketer once Lancio Partners acquires your business. Sara personally handles all projects and communication on an ongoing basis.